Bill and Jennifer Cure

880 Buteo Road

Pittsboro NC 27312

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Sorry for any inconvenience, we are working on getting our new site up.

Cure Nursery is a small, wholesale nursery providing native  trees and shrubs in containers to a growing restoration market, with applications in storm water management, stream restoration, and wetland mitigation in North Carolina and other parts of the Southeast. 

Our plants are grown from locally collected seed whenever possible,. We carry some species adapted to wet conditions and others that are drought tolerant. We strive for a broad genetic base. We will be happy to provide provenance information upon request.

We grow species which occur abundantly in natural areas of the region but are not commonly available within the horticultural trade. In addition, more unusual species are available in smaller quantities. Please e-mail us if you have any questions or requests.  

Please visit our Plant Listing Page and e-mail or call for pricing and availability.


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